Staff Scheduling

Boost Your Staff Performance

Staff Scheduling

Quick and easy way to increase productivity by automating the scheduling of staff’s attendance, Shifts, creating and managing multiple tasks for staff at once.

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  • Provides Sophisticated Staffing Information
  • Reduced absenteeism and tardiness.
  • Mitigates Availability Conflicts
  • Increase Productivity
  • Lets Employees Access Schedules Remotely
  • Allows Collaborative Scheduling
  • Stress-free Working Conditions
  • Saves Labor Hours


Managing a huge staff manually is not an easy task but an organisation with huge staff needs to keep records of staff details and using our product it becomes quite easy for organisations to manage staff records at one place. In this application, you can have the detailed information of staff along with their personal details as well as their job profile information along with designation at job. Also, you can keep record of all the staff of the organisation.


A large service providing organisations usually requires a system that can manage their clients effectively. This application provide a special feature to the companies to help them in managing the details of their clients so that they can check it or can contact them whenever they want. Application allows you to save the clients personal details permanently until you want and also with the work or service they are getting from you.


It becomes easy for the manager or head of the organisation to manage attendance of the staff at one place. Managing attendance of the staff allows you to assign the tasks of the absent staff to the others and can replace the tasks of the staff with one another. Also, you can view the details of the assigned tasks to all the staff as well as the finished tasks with its duration time.


To help you get a handle on your staff shifts, we have a scheduling and shift planning feature in our application for the organisations to make this job easy and efficient. Manager can check the staff availability and can assign him job shift accordingly. Not only this, manager can assign work to the staff as well as due time duration.


An easy to use application feature of assigning a duties to the staff allows the manager to assign duties to all the staff with the duty start time of each staff. Also, when staff members get the multiple jobs then they can choose the job according to the priority level assigned to each job. Priority level give them the idea which job has high priority that need to be done before others. Moreover, it has a feature of allowing staff to upload images before and after job completion.

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