School Management

Simplify the School Maintenance

School Management

Now its easy to maintain all the school’s processes in a single application, where you can manage your students, Classes, Faculty, Time Table, Students fees and leave applications.

DevOps Consulting Services


  • Save paper & Reduced Teacher Workload
  • Deepen Student Learning with Technology
  • Increases Daily Productivity.
  • Improve Student Engagement
  • Complete Automation for Smarter Decesions
  • Anywhere Access Right From Your Palm
  • Collabrate Beyond Classrooms
  • Reliable and Secure

Staff Attendance

A real time online staff attendance software to keep track of all staff attendance and daily reliability. Staff attendance software give the feature of tracking the number of hours a staff member spends each day in office, also gives the information when one is absent, on vacation or on a sick leave.

Task Management

Task management software allows you to manage your staff’s daily tasks by estimating, scheduling and organising multiple tasks at one place. Easily control and track tasks from beginning to end, thus to increase the productivity and progress of the organisation.

Location Tracker

Location tracker connects the parents with their child school bus, enabling parents to track their child anywhere anytime during their school bus route. Tracking your child school bus is a matter of safety and security for child on their daily journeys to and from school.

Fees Management

Fees Collection of the students is the most important responsibility for the school. Fees management help the institution to maintain a financial record. Using our fees management software, you can keep the record of students fees and allows them to track the students with pending fees.

Staff TimeTable

Staff Timetable feature help in allocating the lectures to each faculty member to prevent uneven distribution of classes amongst all staff. Even you can check staff availability thus to plan and proper scheduling of lectures to staff as per their availability by mapping the class and sections.

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