Fleet Management

Track Vehicles and Improve Effeciency

Fleet Management

Improve performance and help business streamline processes by managing the complete lifecycle of your cars, truck, vans, trailers, forklifts and specialist vehicles.

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  • Improvement of Driver Behaviour.
  • More Efficient Business.
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Set the Standards.
  • Improved Lifecycle Management.
  • Know the costs in advance.
  • Better Customer Service
  • Eliminate Employee Fraud

Real Time Tracking

From the starting point to long haul to ending point tracking using the most advanced fleet management software. Our software allows you to track the real time location of the vehicle that reduce time and increases productivity with our GPS tracking system.

Manage Vehicles

With the use of our fleet management software, you can view the live location and status of all the vehicles in your fleet. This software helps you in providing an appropriate list view of all the vehicles with the most recent updates and the last event that was recorded.

Driver Details

Our Fleet Management software gives you the feature of managing your driver details. While entering a new driver, our automated software saves the personal details of driver permanently and a manager or owner can view the full driver list and details anytime.


In our roster feature, manager can check which car was on route, which was available and which car was at workshop. You can check which driver is on route with which car and total time he drives a car. Moreover, you can track the details of any driver or car of any week or month.

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